My name is Tim Gourley.

I started my journey into health and running back in late 2016 after experiencing several serious health issues directly related to my weight. At the time I weighed over 300 pounds. I'm not exactly sure by how much because my scale at the time topped out at 300. You can read more about my weight loss journey on Runner's World.

The health scares were a wake-up call for me and I started my journey losing weight by counting calories. I logged everything I ate into My Fitness Pal and was brutally honest with myself about the amount of food I was eating without thinking about it.

A year later I lost over 130 pounds.

Tim Gourley


I picked up running during my weight loss journey. It's not how I lost weight, but it helped give me some extra calories per day to work with. The primary thing it has done for me is get me into a healthy shape, both physically and mentally.

Currently I'm training for the Route 66 Marathon where I will PR my marathon time, and take the "Center of the Universe Detour" to complete the "World's Shortest Ultramarathon" of 26.5 miles.


When I am not running and getting fit, I work professionally as a software engineer for Phase 2 in Oklahoma City. I do Ruby, Javascript, C# .NET, and a little bit of mobile development.

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