Blog and Training Updates

Blog and Training Updates

Posted on 13 Nov 2019 In Blog

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It’s time to bring back the blog! I haven’t been putting as much energy into blogging as much recently, and it has been weighing on me considerably. As someone who fancies himself a writer, my writing has not been public lately.

I haven’t stopped writing, but I’ve been focusing on sharpening my creative skills with daily writing prompts in Day One (an awesome journaling app, btw). But it has meant I’ve sacrificed time and effort into keeping my race reports and training logs.

To help revitalize myself, I’ve given the blog a fresh coat of paint and plan on bringing back my other blog,, as an additional outlet to showcase fiction. This blog will continue to be about my running pursuits as well as general updates.

I hope you guys like the changes!


In less than two weeks I’ll be running the Route 66 Marathon for the second time. My training has gone very well and I’m feeling strong, confident, and ready to get a new personal record. I’m officially on the taper portion of training, which drives me nuts. I feel like I should be pushing myself more and more, but the training tells me to dial it back and rebuild for the race. I just have to trust it!

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