Quail Creek 4m Training Run

Posted on 08 Mar 2018 In Running

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Today was my second four-mile run for the week, with the first Tuesday and an eight-mile run yesterday. I decided to take it a bit easier during this run and try to match my long-run pace so my legs will still be fresh for tomorrow’s brutal 16-mile long run.

Pre-run nutrition consisted of 67 grams of Soylent 1.9 Cacao powder, coming to about 300 calories. It’s not a lot but it is the lunch I am used to having while at work, and for only running four miles I didn’t feel the need to prepare a ton of crazy energy-filled treats. I also had some gas station coffee beforehand so I felt fairly full of energy and quite hydrated.

The weather was amazing! Plenty of sun, temperatures in the low 60’s, and no significant wind. I ran in shorts, a tech shirt, and my Saucony Omni 16’s. The route itself goes through familiar neighborhoods with low traffic, so I was also rocking some headphones and listening to a playlist with a ton of good music in the 170-190bpm range.

At the start of the run I felt a little pressure in my left knee but it went away as I loosened up and even now as I write this report it feels pretty good. I’ll be sure to pay extra attention to my legs with the roller later to make sure they’re in tip-top shape. Apart from that small concern, I didn’t have any pain, weakness, or issues.

Halfway through my run I toyed with going for a negative split and increasing my pace. I felt great and had a ton of energy. I’m getting used to the hills in this neighborhood and it would have been a good chance to push myself. I opted to be careful, however, because I don’t want a repeat of last week’s failed long run.

I didn’t blog it, but my last long run was supposed to be a 15-mile run on the West River Trail, but I only made it 13.1 miles before getting dehydrated and running out of energy. I underestimated the heat and overestimated my hydration. I don’t want a repeat this week.

Post-run today I didn’t need anything for recovery besides a little water.

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