Lake Hefner Midweek 8mi Training Run

Posted on 14 Mar 2018 In Running

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Now that my midweek runs are getting longer and longer, I tend to approach them a bit differently. For this one, in particular, I wanted it to be a solid tempo run with a focus on running form as well as taking a bit of time to enjoy my view instead of just hammering down full-throttle the entire time.

I prepared by having my normal lunch (300 calories worth of Soylent), but before the run I ate a Gu energy gel packet to get some extra calories going. 300 would not be enough to sustain myself through an 8-mile run.


The run was difficult. I kept a solid pace going, wanting a negative split as I felt a lot of energy surging through me as I ran. My heart rate was split between zones 3 and 4, making it a tempo run with plenty of time in by currently calculated VO2 Max. I felt it afterwards as I made it to my truck and felt pretty spent.


Distance (mi) Time Pace (/mi)
8.21 1:20:12 9:46


It was great progress and I burned a lot of calories. After the run we ended up going to Pie 5 Pizza for Pi day, and I ate my pizza and bread sticks without any guilt whatsoever. It was glorious.

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