Quail Creek 5mi Training Run

Posted on 15 Mar 2018 In Running

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This is the first time I would be running a 5-mile run during lunch at work, and I was still pretty tired from yesterday’s midweek 8-mile run. So my goal was to survive, slow down a bit, and enjoy the run.

I didn’t count on user error when it came to my watch. I didn’t start my run correctly, so I made it about a mile into the run before it started telling me it was going to go into “Power Saving Mode.” Crap! I immediately started the activity and kept running.

I briefly thought about just recording the remaining 4 miles, or walking back to the office and starting over. But the stubborn person inside me decided I’d just run extra to make sure I recorded the intended 5 miles.


The net result was a recorded 5.24 mile run, when in actuality there was an extra mile not recorded. Out of frustration, I also stepped up the pace a bit, making my average pace much higher than I anticipated. I was pretty tired after this.


Distance (mi) Time Pace (/mi)
5.24 51:27 9:49


Never again will I be this stubborn. I didn’t realize it, but I’d pay for this run tomorrow…

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