Lake Hefner Midweek 9mi Training Run

Posted on 20 Mar 2018 In Running

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This midweek run had the goal of being somewhat slower-paced than normal, to help conserve energy for my long run at the end of the week. My main goal was to enjoy it, focus on running form, and go all the way around the lake instead of doing an out-and-back run. The trails around Lake Hefner go about 9.5 miles, but I didn’t care about that extra .5 miles and decided I could slow down once I hit the planned 9 if I so chose.

I prepped with the normal Soylent lunch and had another Gu before running, but no other nutrition or water was needed before or during the run.


The weather was absolutely perfect. I wore a 3/4 zip-up pullover running jacket, and I probably should have ran without it. Otherwise I was dressed in shorts/tech shirt, and running shoes. I felt light and ready for action.

My pace was in the 10-minute range for most of the run, and that was intentional. I felt the entire time like I could have pushed harder and gone faster, but for once I actually listened to the voice of reason that told me to slow it down a bit. This run was a solid success in my opinion: no pain, no extreme fatigue, no worries.

I got a PR for my 15k, at 1:35:48.


Distance (mi) Time Pace (/mi)
9.56 1:38.22 10:17


Traffic was pretty heavy. There are like three spots on the course where you have to cross streets with normal traffic and today was the first day I had to actually deal with cars. Most stopped to let me cross, but I did have to wait for traffic at one point.

Also, I didn’t wear a compression shirt, nor did I have any body glide or tape going on, so I ended up with a nasty surprise of chafed nipples at the end of the run. That’s probably too much info, but funny nonetheless.

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